Healthy habits, even the busiest family will love!

Do you have those healthy habits that you try to keep but seem to forget ?  Well, vitamins are a healthy habit many of us dread or simply forget to do.  Not anymore… #TheGoodGummy will make it easy for you to have your vitamins anytime, anywhere! I commonly get asked if Vitamins are essential? Who […]

1000 Marbles… how precious is your time?

Years ago, we heard the story of 1000 marbles and it made a huge impact inner lives. We were living a very busy life, some would call it hectic or chaotic… but it was the life most of you live filled with work, chores, hobbies, rushing around constantly.  Our life is filled with love and […]

The ActivMotion Bar Review

The ActivMotion Bar Review By: Coach Mary Jane Certified Health Practitioner and Family Fitness Coach     Challenging yourself and confusing your body are key to continuing to progress in your fitness. We all have a routine that we get use to and one day we hit a plateau as our bodies get use to […]

Healthy Holidays * 21 Day Free Challenge*

The holidays are sneaking up on us – again! •  Would you like to make this year different? • Would you like to actually stay on track with your health goals this year, like you say you will do every year? • Would you like to do so in a fun way with a lot […]

AMRAP Nutrition Review and Giveaway

Not just another protein bar…   3 winners to choose  3 Fabulous Flavors When AMRAP asked if they could send me some of their newest nutrition bars to taste, review and giveaway, I immediately started digging behind the scenes. For me, choosing what products to purchase and recommend isn’t just about a high quality product, […]

Are you in control of your destiny?

Do you have a reason you do something that goes so deep you aren’t even sure how to share it? I refuse to let someone else control the destiny for my family!  That is one of the many reasons WHY I work so hard for myself and not for someone else. What does that really […]

FREE 7 Day Challenge: Get Lean for Summer

  7 DAY SLIM DOWN CHALLENGE ♥ get FIT…get INSPIRED Join our FREE 7 day Get Lean Group We will give you FREE coaching, support & inspiration daily! New Awesome 7 Day Meal plan and recipes included !! NO gym needed, no dvd, just YOU and your determination! The only commitment from you is to […]

What are the best Cleanse Detox options for my body?

I hear about the importance of cleansing and detoxing our bodies.  I think it’s time to cleanse my body…NOW WHAT? You know you need to cleanse but for how long and what should you do?! I like to cleanse my body about every 3-4 months with a 10 day or 21 day cleanse depending on […]

Focus T25 Test Group Results and Experience

  I was chosen for a Beachbody Coach Test Group for Focus T25.  What is T25?  Too many times I hear the excuse from many people saying, “I don’t have enough time to workout”    Do you have a workout less than 30 minutes?   YES I DO!  I have a workout less than 30 […]

October Women’s Health Awareness Month

If you want to feel FABULOUS and fall in love with yourself again, you are in the right place! If you are ready to put your health and your wellbeing front and center again, I can help you get started! If you are overwhelmed by what life demands of you, I will help you regain […]