Focus T25 Test Group Results and Experience

Are you ready to FOCUS for 25 minutes a day?

Are you ready to FOCUS for 25 minutes a day?


I was chosen for a Beachbody Coach Test Group for Focus T25.  What is T25?  Too many times I hear the excuse from many people saying, “I don’t have enough time to workout”    Do you have a workout less than 30 minutes?   YES I DO!  I have a workout less than 30 minutes and it will be one of the BEST workouts you have ever done.  Shaun T does it again but this time in 25 minutes. Focus T25 is a 5 day a week, 25 minutes a day workout that will take your fitness abilities to the next level.  Being a Test Group Coach, we completed 8 weeks of T25 before it was released to Team Beachbody Coaches this week.  OUR RESULTS

Participating in a test group is both exciting and rigorous.  You must follow the program and nutrition guide 100%, record all STATS weekly including weight, measurements, body fat %, log your food and check in daily with your accountability group.  The ‘Test Group’ was the “Secret Sauce” for me!  Plugging in daily with others that were pushing play every day, and focused on T25 was the support I needed to push myself harder than I ever have with a fitness program!

With the workouts being only 25 minutes each day, I never missed a workout ! There are so many small windows of time throughout the day that you can find 25 minutes unlike a program that is 45-60 minutes or the time it takes to drive to the gym.  For the first time in a long time, I had NO excuses and I was excited to push play…the 25 minutes flew by, I was covered in sweat and each workout I felt a huge accomplishment ! I was surprised that in only 25 minutes I could get just as intense of a workout as a 45-60 minute program.  This was so encouraging and kept me coming back each day to push even harder!

The first phase Alpha was challenging and built an awesome foundation of core strength and stability.  My body was changing each week with increased muscle tone, decreased fat % and the inches were melting away.   Beta phase really pushed us to improve our stamina and speed.  My body started to ‘shred’ and burn fat with a higher metabolism and increased endurance.  We only did a few days of Gamma but I will say I am excited to add this at the end of round 2 ! Gamma is truly the next level of muscle fatigue and strength training unlike any other program!

T25 ResultsWhat is unique to this program…there is a modifier shown on screen 100% of the time during each dvd.  This makes it possible for most fitness levels as well as beginners or someone needing to work around an injury.

Nutrition…nutrition is the missing element in most cases where I hear someone say they are not getting results!  The nutrition is what makes the ‘magic’ happen!  I loved the fast and easy nutrition guide for T25. It is designed for someone who is busy and wants simple, delicious, easy to make healthy meals.  Every recipe is 5 ingredients or less and you can prepare in a few minutes.  You also have a quick pick guide of 25 foods in case you are on the go or eating out!  Loved the nutrition guide and it kept me feeling full of energy and ready to conquer the workouts!

At the end of the 8 week test period I lost 15 pounds and 19 inches! This was an amazing accomplishment towards my goals.  I look forward to pushing hard towards my ultimate goal and will be starting a new round of T25  with 10 challengers !  Are you ready to FOCUS on your goals…only 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 10 weeks! You can do it!



You too can reach your health and fitness goals!!



  1. Catherine Santos says:

    How do you join the next group?

  2. Hi Catherine 🙂 thank you for your message and for visiting my website!
    I would love to have you join our next group that begin on May 1st.
    I sent you an email so we can connect.
    Looking forward to chatting!


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