Healthy habits, even the busiest family will love!

Do you have those healthy habits that you try to keep but seem to forget ?  Well, vitamins are a healthy habit many of us dread or simply forget to do.  Not anymore… #TheGoodGummy will make it easy for you to have your vitamins anytime, anywhere!


I commonly get asked if Vitamins are essential? Who should take vitamins? What vitamins should I take?  For us…vitamins are as important as a healthy breakfast to start your day!

My answer to my clients and friends is that YES, I personally take and recommend vitamins.  WHY?  Because I believe our complex bodies require some nutrients that we just can’t be sure we are getting from our food source.  My family takes vitamins and I do believe in the right vitamins…. What do I mean by that? What is the source of these vitamins and is your body absorbing the nutrients?
IMG_1544We choose chewables for our multi-vitamin. My favorite brand is SmartyPants Vitamins.  SmartyPants provided me with their newest Women’s complete vitamins to try and they are fabulous.  But, I will say we have been a SmartyPants children’s and adult’s chewable vitamin customer for more than 3 years now.

I love that you have one bottle that provides you with complete vitamins, omegas and even fiber!! Have you tried to get your kids to take omegas for their brain?  Good luck when they burp up fish oil all day! Well SmartyPants to the rescue for great tasting gummies with hidden Omegas!

While chewable vitamins are often marketed for children, they have many potential benefits for adults as well. I like the thought of my body not having to break down and digest a pill and knowing I am getting my vitamins absorbed quickly!

If you want to take a multivitamin but have a hard time swallowing pills, chewables are a great alternative. They’re sweet and easy to eat, usually easier to digest, and they often contain smaller doses of vitamins.

IMG_1535You can simply chew the vitamin and swallow…anywhere, anytime! These Chewables are flavored like fruit and taste pleasant, so you shouldn’t mind eating them. I love the SmartyPants to go packets for travel, my purse, lunches and to keep on hand.

Chewable vitamins are broken down better than pills before reaching the stomach because of chewing and saliva, making them easier on the stomach and quickly absorbed into the body. Pregnant women with morning sickness find it easier to take chewable prenatal vitamins.  Excitingly, SmartyPants now has a prenatal and men’s complete vitamin as well!

If you are looking for quality that you trust, then you have to read their certification that each vitamin goes through.  “From our organic, Free Trade cane sugar, to our ultra-pure omega 3 fish oil, we are obsessed with making sure everything in our products is premium, pure, and ethically produced. We require certificates of authenticity for each and every ingredient in SmartyPants.”

As a Mom, Wife and Certified Health and Fitness Coach, I trust SmartyPants Vitamins for my family… and thankfully they love them becuase they are delicious !

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  1. I would love to try the Women’s Complete.

  2. Their vitamins taste good.

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