What did you forget today that could change your body and your mind?

Have you thanked your body lately?

As I was sitting on the balcony of our beach condo one night watching the most beautiful sunset to the sounds of the crashing waves just below my feet…in this moment life felt perfect!  We all have those moments that all feels harmonized within ourselves, but on the average day these moments are further from our mind and reality than we would hope.  I do take the time to create and enjoy moments like this more frequently these days…that is progress!  I have learned to acknowledge that progress and appreciate it.  I was sitting on the beach and feeling actually pretty fabulous, almost Zen (thank you meditation) then an old friend in my mind crept up and took that fabulous away…but just for a moment! Hooray…I was back to fabulous in a few short minutes…that was progress and I did a silent little happy dance.

We all go about each day and we may feel wonderful but usually there are thoughts in our minds that can bring us down.  Unfortunately we create this crap ourselves..  A dear friend and amazing person I met in Vermont taught me about the I.B.S.C…we all have one, yes the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee!  Those are the dreadful thoughts that fill our minds and eventually take the smile off our face and the swing in our step away and sometimes cause fear, isolation, sadness, withdrawal, anger and the inability to truly BE the person we are and want to be because of the insecurity and negative self image we create.  You know the committee well…you aren’t young enough, strong enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, smart enough…blah blah blah! Everyone is staring at you in that swimsuit, on the dance floor, as you walk through the room, blah blah blah! Is any of it logical? NO ! are these real feelings and insecurities- of course they are! But do they have to become our reality? NO we let them take over and control who we are and what we do!

Unfortunately I know this committee all too well and I (use to) let is stop me from living my life to the fullest and being the happy joyful person I am inside!  I was a cheerleader, I ran a marathon, I wore a size 6, I won award, I owned a successful business…these are all fabulous but because I wasn’t these things anymore I let them crush who I am today!  This reality is from the past…yes I was all of those wonderful things in the past but who am I today…why am I less fabulous today because I got older and my accomplishments changed?

So today I do things differently…I start each day thanking not only God but myself and my body for who I am today, acknowledging the small and huge successes each day.  Have you thanked your legs lately?? When I heard this one day it just aww’ed me! What the heck! I have never thanked my legs for carrying me at every weight, carrying babies, running marathons, climbing mountains and just for taking me everywhere I want to go every day! How could we overlook something so basic?

So for me I chose to have a head to toe appreciation party! Our bodies have endured all that we have put it through and do you wake up each day and say thank you for being healthy and strong!  I wanted to give you something to truly think about today…thank your legs, your arms, your heart, your mind, appreciate all that you have accomplished today…even the small things, I walked 45 minutes today, I feel stronger this week, I ate a very healthy lunch, I read a book today, I felt great in a bathing suit and spent the day on the beach today instead of watching from afar! I love the Me I am today! This is a great day to crush the IBSC and love yourself for who you are, who you have become and you can choose to Be!  Give your body the Love, Nutrition and Exercise it needs to THRIVE and live the Best Life for YOU!


Always enjoy this journey you have been blessed with my friends and share gratitude!

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