What are the Benefits of Meditation for your fitness goals?

Written by Mallory Peterson

As far back as I can remember I’ve loved moving. Whether it was competitive sports or running around in the woods, it has always been a part of me. It wasn’t until college that I truly realized the importance of “moving” and living a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. Fitness was easy and proved itself as quite a significant aspect in my future. After receiving my degree in Exercise Science, then going on to become a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor, it should come as no surprise that I was exercising quite regularly. My body was starting to feel run down.


I listened to my body and gave it what it wanted, and more importantly, what I believe it needed: yoga. I got into yoga my second semester of college and as quickly as I began, I was hooked. Daily practices were my relief from long runs or hard workouts. It allowed me to become in tune with my body in a way I’ve never thought possible. I knew when my body was lacking certain vitamins or foods. I knew when I should have gotten seven hours of sleep, but only received six and a half. My yoga practice was my escape from everything. I was able to let go of the stresses of college, work, relationships and everything else that comes with being a 20-something college female at a big university in an even bigger city. By the time I graduated I felt I had the “wellness” thing figured out. I practiced the fitness, I studied the nutrition, and I lived yoga.


A couple of months following graduation I was led to a meditation practice.  I understand that a lot of yoga involves meditation, but everything I’ve ever practiced was short and what I would describe as a “moving meditation.”  I would zone out while flowing through my sun-salutations and feel a sense of clarity at the end.  But actually taking the time to sit and meditate proved itself as a new challenge, and an important one.

After over a year of sitting I slowly began to appreciate it. In that first year I felt stuck in a room with endless thoughts and legs that just wanted to move. Soon enough, that same sort of clarity I received after yoga began to emerge. It felt different though. It felt multiplied by a hundred and suddenly the stresses of being a college graduate in a time where the economy is laying people off was brushed away. Life seemed a lot brighter, and quite frankly, it wasn’t even that dark.


As a fitness professional, I lecture my clients all the time about stretching, strength training, cardiovascular exercise, a well-balanced diet, and a healthy body composition. I’ll give recommendations to try things like yoga, hiking, or even eating kale. More recently, I have discovered myself recommending meditation. Looking at the root of our health issues, a lot stem from stress, being unhappy, or unsure. Meditation helps to clear that muddled water in our heads and improves the other aspects of our fitness or health we’ve been working so hard to conquer.

Don’t let the word or the idea of meditation scare you. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. Find a quite spot, free of distraction and sit. Acknowledge that thoughts will arise; that’s how our brain works. Remember, just like starting out on a new fitness journey, it won’t always be easy, but the benefits on the other side are well worth the effort.


About the Author Mallory Peterson

Wellness is my journey.  After receiving my degree in Exercise Science from the University of Minnesota, I went out to continue my education by becoming an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and an AFAA Group Exercise Instructor.  My passion lies with yoga and the outdoors and I strive to integrate these interests into my daily life.  I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others, encouraging them to embrace a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle.  I find it is most important to discover movement that fits the individual’s personal style and allows it to feel less like a “have to” and more like a “want to.”  I want to help others realize that adopting this healthy change can be simple and enjoyable. The idea is to stay creative and integrate fitness as a life-long change, promoting healthy body, mind and spirit.
B.S Exercise Science
ACSM Personal Trainer
AFAA Group Exercise Instructor
Zumba Certified
Reiki I Certification
Contact info: Website: Besimplyfied.com e-mail: mallory@besimplyfied.com




  1. Great blog, and I have tried kale and I actually liked it.


  1. […] and appreciate it.  I was sitting on the beach and feeling actually pretty fabulous, almost Zen (thank you meditation) then an old friend in my mind crept up and took that fabulous away…but just for a moment! […]

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