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Kids health is very important to our family.  With the overwhelming rate of childhood obesity, diabetes and other ailments that are caused by poor nutrition and lack of exercise, this has become a huge passion for my family!   We do not miss fast food and foods that make us feel sluggish, tired and irritable.  Our kids both enjoy finding new foods at the farmers market, cooking and eating together as a family, especially grilling outdoors!  It is heartwarming as a Mom to hear my kids order at the occasional restaurant on their own and the healthy choices they make ( fish, veggies, fruits, salads no thank you to the french fries and ice cream).   We do eat dessert as a treat and love frozen yogurt on hot days.  We try to have balance, teaching kids to make healthy choices that make them feel great while still allowing them to splurge once in awhile. We call it the 90/10 game!

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9 Foods Not to Give Your Kids

One of our very favorite foods is peanut butter…so we have switched to healthy PB2 IT ROCKS!! Through a unique process that doesn’t involve the use of any chemicals and doesn’t alter nature’s intended balance found within the peanut, we remove over 85% of the fat from premium quality peanuts. Essentially, the oil is squeezed out of roasted peanuts and what remains is our famous powdered peanut butter – all natural with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. When you mix water or a favorite drink with PB2 you get the same consistency as full-fat peanut butter, with all the roasted peanut flavor, but 85% less fat calories.  TRY PB2 today for your family!

Fun exercise for kids: We enjoy trying new things for fun as a family, hiking, indoor rock climbing, swimming, water sports, walking to new destinations and leaving the cell phones at home, no tv for a day/week challenges, fun activity summer camps, creative ways to be active enjoy family fitness.  This is a fun video they love to pop in and act silly

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My favorite snack/ supplement for kids: I no longer have to wonder if my kids vitamins are being absorbed? Are they eating enough fruits and veggies every day?  Are they getting everything they need to be healthy, energetic, smart, lean and have a strong immune system?  My daughters have had amazing results of higher energy, less belly fat, regulated hormones and moods, clear skin free from acne, longer hair, strong nails and overall excellent health!  

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My favorite vitamins for kids: These are my favorite kids vitamins with the highest quality of ingredients and they include their omegas.  There are no additives or artificial sweeteners and best of all for every bottle you buy a bottle is donated to another child in need through Vitamin Angels.  We strongly support this company and product

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