Nutrition is very important to me and my family.  We have learned to love whole foods as our primary source of nutrition.  We take vitamins and supplements to ensure we are receiving all that our body needs as fuel and most importantly to prevent illness and disease.  I believe in treating food and nutrition as your medicine tool kit and not needing medications.

Our meal plan: I would like to share our meal plan that we follow 90% of the time.  This is only our opinion of what has worked well for our family and keeps us healthy, energetic, strong and away from the Dr. and drug store ! (read more…)

Checkout out our favorite recipes


Best Meal of the day- We happily drink Shakeology every day!  I believe this to be the best whole food source of nutrition that provides us with vitamins, minerals, antioxidant super foods, probiotics, grains and protein in one balanced meal!   It has transformed our health in so many ways and continues to change lives daily.  We have eliminated pills and trying to get our kids to eat a dozen veggies a day- now we drink delicious chocolate shakes

for more information and to buy Shakeology: visit the Shakeology page


Vitamins– There are times in our lives when we need additional vitamins or supplements depending on your situation, activity level, stress level and overall health.  We have found the Beachbody supplements to be high quality and made from the best ingredients.


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