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Congratulations on committing to your Health with the 21 Day Ultimate Reset!

Cleansing can at times be uncomfortable depending on what your lifestyle was pre-cleanse!

8-300x300As we cut out all of the ‘CRAP’ our bodies will be working hard to clean out all of the toxins from :

  • Caffeine & Carbonated Drinks ( soda)
  • Refined Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Processed Foods and Fats

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Everyone’s body will respond differently.  Even people with healthy habits and lifestyles still experience detox symptoms as their bodies work hard to cleanse out even the environmental toxins we are all surrounded by.

You may be feeling almost flu like symptoms that can range from :

  • body aches, especially lower back and muscle aches
  • constipation
  • bloating, excess gas
  • headaches
  • breakouts on our face and even our back
  • sinus drainage or clogging
  • fatigue
  • and of course emotional/mood swings

Remember all of these symptoms are normal and temporary…while the results will be long lasting!  These symptoms are all signs your body is doing exactly what you want it to do…RELEASE the toxins!

YOU ASK:  Well great, these are all normal but what do I do?  How do I survive the next 21 days without staying in bed or quitting?

Here are my favorite tried and true home remedies that will support your detox and not interrupt it…remember to avoid taking aspirin or over the counter medications if possible.  ( of course continue with any medically required prescription medications)

detoxbathTo help avoid these symptoms here are my 4 MUST DO favorite tips:

  1. Drink a lot of water, start your day with our Hot Lemon Water recipe
  2. Take a Detox Bath as many times throughout the weeks as you can
  3. Get 20-40 minutes of light exercise like walking, stretching, yoga, pilates
  4. Schedule in a good nights sleep ! 8+ hours to heal and recover your body

Flu-like symptoms:

  • Drink a lot of water…more than you think is necessary!orange-mint-water-248x300
  • Get as much sleep as possible…your body needs to rest to recover
  • Try the Detox Bath and soak for 20 wonderful minutes
  • Try some relaxing herbal tea ( ginger tea, camomile )


  • Again…tons of water!!
  • Make sure you are getting your fiber ( ground flax added to shakes is great or a scoop of soluble fiber)
  • Magnesium Citrate powder can work wonders – take before bed for relief by morning
  • Warm ‘Detox Bath’


Bloating and excess gas:

  • Always remember to take your supplements ( Optimize digestive enzymes) as directed 30 min before meals to prevent bloating and digestion discomfort and to ease gas
  • Ginger tea & peppermint tea aid in digestion as well
  • ACV cocktail before meals helps as well  ( 1Tblsp Apple cider vinegar in warm or cold water)

Listen to your body. Don’t push. And when you can, sleep.

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