12 Days of Christmas Giveaway


Happy Happy Holidays !!

We love our friends and fans and you love Giveaways! 

So we thank you this season by partnering with 12 awesome companies to giveaway 12 fabulous products we love and wanted to share with you!!

Enter every day for a new prize and a winner will be chosen each day!

Check back for our review of each product and company, visit our partners and enjoy discounts for your holiday shopping!



Day 1 SoapSox   Soapsoxkids.comAll soapsox-2

The stuffed animal that is also a washcloth…brilliant!

Bath time is now fun time and even the most difficult toddler will want to jump in the bath and love to cuddle with their SoapSox friend!

We first saw this product on Shark Tank and I was surprised when my 10 year old daughter wanted one.  I was thinking she was too old for it but she was excited to have a stuffed animal allowed to get wet!  We quickly realized this is a great bath time pal for any age.

Unlike washcloths and scratchy mitts or shower puffs, SoapSox is soft, easy to use and of course unlike most bath sponges or your typical stuffed animal it dries quickly.  The anti-microbial material stays clean and fresh and can be thrown in the washing machine anytime coming out like new and ready for playtime!

There is a fun, vibrant, cuddly SoapSox Friend for every personality with new designs coming soon!  My girls personally love Harper the hippo and Taylor the adorable Turtle.

VISIT  Soapsoxkids.com for a 35% discount TODAY with code: LiveLove35


bottle2Day 2  RemedyOils.com

Essential oils are a part of our daily routines from lemon oil in our water, healing oils to immunity oils.

Remedy Oils is a Mom on a mission company that was created out of a need to help her son with asthma.  As a Mom and a Holistic Health Coach, I am always looking for natural solutions to improve my family’s health and wellness.  Supporting other small businesses with heart, purpose and a mission is important to me and my family.

I am very impressed with the quality of Remedy Oils.  Our favorite product is ‘Calming’ because who doesn’t love and need a good nights sleep!  My daughters, 10 and 19 both love lavender and put the Calming on their feet and behind their neck before bed.  It has absolutely helped them both to fall asleep faster and sleep well.

You will enjoy the light scent and pure grade of all of the Remedy Oils.  I love that Calming’s ingredients are a blend of  Organic Lavender Provence, Frankincense, Grapeseed, Jojoba Oil.

Visit Remedy Oils and ENTER our Giveaway for a free bottle of oil.



Day 3  ndxusa.com  NDX  Natural Supplements for all ages 

At NDX they pride themselves on being real people with a real passion for making a difference.

Using advanced scientific discoveries, global botanical wisdom and innovative ingredients, they offer superior nutritional products to support your quest for a vibrant and active life.

Our family loves these supplements!  Why? they taste great ( isn’t this the most important when getting your children Screenshot 2014-12-06 10.09.10to be consistent with taking any vitamin or supplement!? )

Secondly… the ingredients are pure and all natural.  As a parent and a health coach this is actually the most important aspect to me when choosing anything for my family especially something we are consuming every day  The vitamins and nutritional are free of yeast, wheat, milk, egg, soy, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish and salicylates.  YEAH !!

The favorite here is the Calcium because we don’t consume dairy so I am often concerned with making sure everyone is getting enough calcium in our diets.

I am personally loving the green tea supplement as I have noticed a natural perk in my energy levels from it and drinking enough green tea can leave me running to the bathroom too much …hahaha!  These powerful little pills have a combination of ingredients that promotes cardiovascular, digestive, and nervous system health  They also provide chlorophyll for detoxification, restoration of pH balance and overall wellness!

Visit their website and watch a few of their awesome videos.

ENTER our giveaway for free nutritional for your family!

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  1. Sounds like 12 days of happy! Thank you for the generous giveaways 🙂

  2. Jacqueline Smith says:

    What a cute and generous idea!!! Love it!

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