Fall Fitness and Nutrition Challenge & Support

Looking for health and fitness challenges?  Looking for some support to Fall Back into your healthy living routine? You’ve come to the right place. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, motivate yourself or your friends to exercise, or just mix up your workout, we have the right fun fitness and nutrition challenge for […]

FREE 7 Day Challenge: Get Lean for Summer

  7 DAY SLIM DOWN CHALLENGE ♥ get FIT…get INSPIRED Join our FREE 7 day Get Lean Group We will give you FREE coaching, support & inspiration daily! New Awesome 7 Day Meal plan and recipes included !! NO gym needed, no dvd, just YOU and your determination! The only commitment from you is to […]

Summer Sizzle Fitness and Nutrition Challenge

Are you ready for a NEW challenge ?!  JOIN OUR SUMMER SIZZLE GROUP I wanted to offer something REAL, deep, and RAW to my challengers. Something that was FAR more than “did you work out today”, or are you eating right… if you have EVER been in a challenge group you might know what I […]


A WINSPIRATION WARRIOR CHALLENGE♥ get FIT THIS WINTER…get INSPIRED Join our FREE 30 day WINSPIRATION WARRIOR Group I will give you FREE coaching, support & inspiration daily NO gym needed, no dvd, just YOU and your determination! The only commitment from you is to follow the daily task, post that you did it, have a […]

If I skip a few meals, I will lose more weight?!

Is Skipping Meals a Good Idea? We’ve all been taught that in order to lose weight, we have to reduce our calories, and many people try to accomplish this by skipping meals.  It seems like a good idea up front…it’s easy to do, just rush out of the house and skip breakfast or work straight […]

Focus T25 Coach Test Group Results ‘Hall of Fabulous’

This is an amazing group of friends and coaches all that I know personally from our Beachbody Focus T25 Test Group. Coaches, friends and mentors…all of these awesome results took dedication, hard work, perseverance and commitment to our health and fitness.  We plugged in every day to support each other. We received guidelines, tips, tools, […]


HERE IS A SAMPLE OF WHAT YOU EAT FOR 10 WEEKS! Fabulous, delicious, easy to prepare healthy meals. I am not going to post all of the recipes sorry but they are in the guidebook you will receive and this shows you a great sample. I am going to post a few of my favorites […]

Focus T25 Test Group Results and Experience

  I was chosen for a Beachbody Coach Test Group for Focus T25.  What is T25?  Too many times I hear the excuse from many people saying, “I don’t have enough time to workout”    Do you have a workout less than 30 minutes?   YES I DO!  I have a workout less than 30 […]

Feeling Lousy? Does your body have a RESET button? YES !!

I want to share with you what the Ultimate Reset detox and cleanse is and why it is so important… When I say “cleanse,” I mean it in the sense of true cleaning—a strategy that helps your body rid itself of toxins. We’re exposed to harmful substances all the time; they’re in our diet (pesticides) […]

Join Our Health & Fitness Challenge

Make TODAY a day of change !!  CLICK HERE to commit to the Challenge!   When I became a Team Beachbody Coach, it was my primary objective to help people reach whatever health and fitness goals they have for themselves.  I am here today ready to commit myself to you and help you reach your […]