A FITspiration Challenge ♥ get FIT…get INSPIRED

A FITSPIRATION CHALLENGE♥ get FIT…get INSPIRED Join our FREE 30 day FITspiration Group I will give you FREE coaching, support & inspiration daily NO gym needed, no dvd, just YOU and your determination! The only commitment from you is to follow the daily task, post that you did it, have a positive attitude, be determined […]

Focus T25 Coach Test Group Results ‘Hall of Fabulous’

This is an amazing group of friends and coaches all that I know personally from our Beachbody Focus T25 Test Group. Coaches, friends and mentors…all of these awesome results took dedication, hard work, perseverance and commitment to our health and fitness.  We plugged in every day to support each other. We received guidelines, tips, tools, […]

Sore Muscles and What To Do About It

Sore Muscles and What To Do About It If you’ve just started a new fitness program or engaged in any physical activity that you aren’t used to doing, you’re probably experiencing some level of sore muscles.  This is a common experience, regardless of your fitness level.  The level of soreness can vary from ‘barely there’ […]


HERE IS A SAMPLE OF WHAT YOU EAT FOR 10 WEEKS! Fabulous, delicious, easy to prepare healthy meals. I am not going to post all of the recipes sorry but they are in the guidebook you will receive and this shows you a great sample. I am going to post a few of my favorites […]