The ActivMotion Bar Review

The ActivMotion Bar Review By: Coach Mary Jane Certified Health Practitioner and Family Fitness Coach     Challenging yourself and confusing your body are key to continuing to progress in your fitness. We all have a routine that we get use to and one day we hit a plateau as our bodies get use to […]

What are the Benefits of Meditation for your fitness goals?

Written by Mallory Peterson As far back as I can remember I’ve loved moving. Whether it was competitive sports or running around in the woods, it has always been a part of me. It wasn’t until college that I truly realized the importance of “moving” and living a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. Fitness was easy and proved itself as quite […]

FREE JUMPSTART Program to your Health & Fitness Goals

JUST DO IT …start TODAY ! I’m starting a new Health & Fitness Promise Program! Occurs every calendar month, JOIN ANYTIME!! JOIN NOW!!  Get motivated, inspired and energized!!  You can also contact me directly for a 30 minute Coaching call on How to get Started!    WHAT? This is a Coaching Program I offer for […]

6 Steps to Creating the Perfect Fitness Routine

  You have chosen the perfect workout program for you- now it’s time to transform your body!  There is difference between sitting in front of your TV wishing you had a lean-mean-body and actually developing the talent to create it.   Let’s look at these 6 Steps to your Success! Taking charge of your body […]

Live Love Fitness – Welcome!

Welcome to my blog! I will start out by saying that my goal with this blog is to inspire, encourage and energize you to live a happier, healthier lifestyle!  Why trust me as your friend, your confidant, your advisor, your Beachbody Coach?  I am here to share my real story, my education, my research, my experience.  […]