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It’s not enough to just buy a fitness program. To get the best results for your weight loss and improved fitness, you need support, accountability, and a commitment to exercise and a healthy diet. That’s where Team Beachbody® comes in.

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Why trust me as your friend, your confidant, your advisor, your Beachbody Coach? 

I am here to share my real story, my education, my research, my experience.  I am not here to sell you a gimmick or a quick fix for anything!  I only suggest products I have tried and I believe to be amazing (not just ordinary) from a company that I trust.  I chose this job, this company to change lives every day and make a difference!

This has been an amazing two years that has brought me to this point. I am on a journey of learning, discovery, amazement and appreciation…all that I wanted to share with you!  I am overjoyed to feel so Fit and Fabulous at 40! I left my finance career after 12 years and am now following my passion for nutrition and fitness.

IF you are ready begin your transformation, I will walk side by side with you on your journey.  I will share with you stories, tips, ideas, recipes, advice from other professionals I have met on my journey, products I have searched hard to find, laughter, tears, struggles and happiness in living a healthier lifestyle!  You will reach your weight loss goals!  You will get fit and fee fabulous!

Live each day to the fullest and enjoy the journey…

Mary Jane

Health and Fitness Coach

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