Focus T25 Coach Test Group Results ‘Hall of Fabulous’

This is an amazing group of friends and coaches all that I know personally from our Beachbody Focus T25 Test Group. Coaches, friends and mentors…all of these awesome results took dedication, hard work, perseverance and commitment to our health and fitness.  We plugged in every day to support each other. We received guidelines, tips, tools, […]

Sore Muscles and What To Do About It

Sore Muscles and What To Do About It If you’ve just started a new fitness program or engaged in any physical activity that you aren’t used to doing, you’re probably experiencing some level of sore muscles.  This is a common experience, regardless of your fitness level.  The level of soreness can vary from ‘barely there’ […]

What did you forget today that could change your body and your mind?

Have you thanked your body lately? As I was sitting on the balcony of our beach condo one night watching the most beautiful sunset to the sounds of the crashing waves just below my feet…in this moment life felt perfect!  We all have those moments that all feels harmonized within ourselves, but on the average […]

Join Our Health & Fitness Challenge

Make TODAY a day of change !!  CLICK HERE to commit to the Challenge!   When I became a Team Beachbody Coach, it was my primary objective to help people reach whatever health and fitness goals they have for themselves.  I am here today ready to commit myself to you and help you reach your […]

What are the Benefits of Meditation for your fitness goals?

Written by Mallory Peterson As far back as I can remember I’ve loved moving. Whether it was competitive sports or running around in the woods, it has always been a part of me. It wasn’t until college that I truly realized the importance of “moving” and living a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. Fitness was easy and proved itself as quite […]

Girls Just wanna have fun with fitness!

Hello Friends…today I wanted to share with you an interview with a friend and huge motivator of mine!  I love fitness and Jenn has played a huge role in helping me reach my goals, enjoy fitness, get out of my comfort zone and truly believe that I can do it!!  I worked with Jenn as […]

FREE JUMPSTART Program to your Health & Fitness Goals

JUST DO IT …start TODAY ! I’m starting a new Health & Fitness Promise Program! Occurs every calendar month, JOIN ANYTIME!! JOIN NOW!!  Get motivated, inspired and energized!!  You can also contact me directly for a 30 minute Coaching call on How to get Started!    WHAT? This is a Coaching Program I offer for […]

6 Steps to Creating the Perfect Fitness Routine

  You have chosen the perfect workout program for you- now it’s time to transform your body!  There is difference between sitting in front of your TV wishing you had a lean-mean-body and actually developing the talent to create it.   Let’s look at these 6 Steps to your Success! Taking charge of your body […]