Getting Started on Shakeology

Congratulations on committing to your health and wellness !! #1 Shakeology Handout download this now Here is your guide for getting started on Shakeology. It is important to commit 90 days to yourself for implementing your new plan for nutrition and fitness. When to drink it: I like it during the day it really boosts my […]

Shakeology Challenge Meal Plan & Recipes

What Is The Shakeology Challenge ?  The Shakeology Challenge is 7 days to focus on giving your body nutrient rich, calorie restrictive plan that is designed to rid your body of undigested food and toxins, and to help your body run more efficiently.  This will cause you to have more energy, to feel lighter, and lose weight […]

What VEGAN whole food supplement helps combat fatigue ?

The Healthiest Meal of the Day® now tastes like an island getaway. This light and refreshing blend of sweet, juicy strawberry and natural tropical fruits is made from premium whole food sources.  And, it’s100% VEGAN AND DAIRY FREE!  BUY NOW New Ingredients in Tropical Shakeology Vegan                     […]

Favorite Shakeology Recipes

The benefits of Shakeology are amazing! We have been using Shakeology as a family now for a year and have had incredible improvements in our health and wellness. ( see: Benefits of Shakeology )  Here are our favorite recipes we have tried and LOVE!  You can find more recipes HERE  BUY SHAKEOLOGY TODAY !   Chocolate and […]

Fabulous Green Smoothie Recipes

I have learned a lot about Green Smoothies this last year and they have transformed our family’s health!  ( see blog post: 10 Benefits of Green Smoothies)  Here are our favorite Green Smoothie Recipes and some common symptoms they help alleviate. What is a Green Smoothie? A mix of greens and fruit blended together to […]

Favorite Beachbody Recipes

A few of my favorite Beachbody recipes

Hate Veggies? Can it really taste a like a desert and be good for you?

Why Green Smoothies or Shakeology?! This amazing whole food source has changed our family’s health and we don’t go a day without it!  Our testimonial is only one of thousands and we would love to hear your story! I get asked every day for specifics about Green Smoothies and Shakeology…even though there are a dozen […]