Are you in control of your destiny?

Do you have a reason you do something that goes so deep you aren’t even sure how to share it?

I refuse to let someone else control the destiny for my family!  That is one of the many reasons WHY I work so hard for myself and not for someone else.

What does that really mean and where does this come from?

It comes from the pit of my stomach and the horrible feelings I had looking into the tearful eyes of our children as we told them their life was being turned upside down because we had no choices.



I started my first job when I was 14 and continued to work hard since then.  This gave me a sense of pride, independence and a feeling of control.  For me personally, having an education and working was an important part of my independence and feelings of self worth.  I went to college and always worked hard to progress my career no matter what industry I was in or who I was working for.  Being financially independent gave me a sense of accomplishment and a satisfaction of having choices.  Sadly money can determine what you are in control of.  It gives you the luxury of choosing where you live, what you do and how you live your life.  I was never the type of person to rely on others for financial security, not my parents, friends or even my husband.



A few years ago that financially security came crashing down with the real estate market, the financial market Shattered-Dreamsand a poor choice of business partners.  Where did that leave us?  We had to walk away from our home, our friends and relocate our family to another state.  We had to explain to our children that we had no other option and uproot them from their home of 10+ years.  For several months our family was spread out in 3 different states feeling angry, resentful and saddened by this change.  As a mom and a woman, it killed me inside to be reliant on someone else and not have the choices that financial stability once gave us.  Was this devastating…at that moment…yes!  Could it have been worse…of course!  I am beyond grateful my husband has a good job, grateful we did not lose more than just a house and a business…we have our marriage, our health and our beautiful children and we could work on rebuilding the rest.

Herndon_Hairstylists_Salon_Plaza_past_present_futureToday…we have a new home, financial stability, stronger relationships and choices!!  When adversity comes our way, when opportunity comes our way, we get to choose!  That may seem trivial to some but for me being a contributor to the our family’s finances and having my own business that gives us freedom and options…is life changing!!  Financial security that I am able to provide for myself and our family is empowering and an important part of who I am and who I teach my daughters to be!


Bt1t-dfIIAAPPRP.jpg-largeAre you working in a job that could disappear at any moment? Are you living paycheck to paycheck?  If you lost your job, what else would you lose?  Are you working hard to fund someone else’s dreams?  Are you at the mercy of an employer that ultimately determines your destiny?  Is someone else in control of how much money you earn?  Are you happy with that?

I was not !  So today, I work hard for myself not an employer.  I determine how much income I earn.  I determine when I work, how hard I work, when I vacation and am ultimately back in control of our destiny.  I am happy with that !

Are you ready to work hard for YOU?!  Do you want to be more in control of your finances, your choices, your destiny?!


With 15 years experience as a business owner and entrepreneur, I am happy to share with you all that I have
learned along the way.  Owning your own business and being in control of your future is important but working together with others that have that same goal is priceless!  We have a team that works together to support one another, collaborate and build a strong future for us all.

You might be wondering….

  • Is Health and Fitness Coaching a real work at home job? YES
  • Is it a pyramid scheme?  NO
  • Do I need a specific degree or certification? NO
  • Can I work part time?  YES
  • Is there training available to me? YES…easy online
  • What requirements are there?  The passion to help others, commitment to yourself, ability to set goals and work hard to reach them, commitment to live a healthier happier lifestyle, a computer, a phone and the desire to enjoy your life to the fullest !

If you are ready to take control of your destiny and fund your own dreams…then this is the team for you!images-35


I am here to personally mentor you and am committed to your success!


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