The ActivMotion Bar Review

The ActivMotion Bar Review
By: Coach Mary Jane
Certified Health Practitioner and Family Fitness Coach



Challenging yourself and confusing your body are key to continuing to progress in your fitness. We all have a routine that we get use to and one day we hit a plateau as our bodies get use to our predictable movements. I always try to mix up my workouts and advise my clients to do the same. Why? Muscle confusion!! If we change up our routine and use different muscle groups, we will continue to tear new muscle and voila continued results!

When I saw the ActivMotion Bar I was intrigued by these little moving weights inside the core of the bar and curious to see how it could change up my same routine. I was excited to test out this new piece of equipment as I am always trying to simplify how much equipment I use and add variety to my routine.

The Company: 
I am impressed by the inventor, Derek Mikulski. He is not only a Certified Personal Trainer with a B.S. in Health Education, he himself has lost a total of 80lbs. His passion for the ActivMotion Bar came when he wanted to inspire and help others with their fitness goals.

The Philosophy:
Derek developed the Disruptive Training™ system the ActivMotion Bar training utilizes to challenge Screenshot 2015-02-03 19.24.59the body with the unstable and dynamic stimulus of the bar.

There are 3 phases to this system.

  • DISRUPT: Primarily floor exercises that will teach you how to stabilize the bar. Small intricate muscles that aren’t typically activated will turn on in order to keep the bar stable during the suggested exercise. Learning how to keep your body still, wake-up your smaller intricate  muscles and keep your mind focused and connected with your body is the goal for this phase.
  • DISCOVER: A step up from the first phase, you will get up off the floor and feel the integration of your core and extremities during each movement pattern and sequence.
  • DEFINE: Momentum, velocity and resistance within each of the dynamic movements help shape and define your body.

Screenshot 2015-02-03 19.22.38The ActivMotion Bar and how it works:
I received the 10lb bar (there are several different weights you can choose from 6-18lbs). I immediately noticed and loved the two lines on the bar that mark the ideal positioning your hands. ( no guessing!) I’ve worked with various types of equipment in gyms, at home and on the road. There is really nothing out there like the ActivMotion Bar. The unique internal rolling weights inside the core of the bar roll in the direction of the bar’s movement thus creating more work for your core, balance and stability. This also prevents you from favoring the strongest part of your body as you have to engage your core muscles to continue to balance the movement of the bar.

The workouts:
I tried all of the videos that the ActivMotion Bar came with and liked the variety for beginners as well as more advanced athletes. Each video is short segments 10-20 minutes which is great to add to any routine or to do a few back to back. I suggest you watch and try a few of the videos to learn all that the ActivMotion bar can do…you will be amazed.

My review and personal experience:
Once I was confortable with the ActivMotion Bar, I added it to most of my workouts. I loved that I could easily add just one piece of equipment and instantly fire up my core and challenge my muscles no matter what movement I did.

We also took the bar to the track where we are training and wow balancing the bar as you walk up and down bleachers is an amazing kick-butt workout on the entire core and glutes. It was easy to take with us and even the kids carried the bar and had fun trying to keep it stable. Needless to say, it hurt to laugh and sit the next day as our core and glutes were very confused by the ActivMotion Bar.

I would recommend the ActivMotion bar to all ages and all levels of fitness. This one piece of equipment has so many options to work on your core, balance, mobility, increase cardio and strength. It can be a great add on to your fitness routine or great way to mix it up and confuse those muscles that now have to work harder to keep the ActivMotion Bar stable!


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Thank you to ActivMotion Bar for providing me with this complimentary ActivMotion Bar and workout dvd’s.  I enjoyed learning about your company and am grateful to add this to my fitness equipment.

Thank you to SweatPink for this awesome Review opportunity.


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