Focus T25 Coach Test Group Results ‘Hall of Fabulous’

This is an amazing group of friends and coaches all that I know personally from our Beachbody Focus T25 Test Group.

Coaches, friends and mentors…all of these awesome results took dedication, hard work, perseverance and commitment to our health and fitness.  We plugged in every day to support each other. We received guidelines, tips, tools, support from Tania ( the Machine from Insanity) as well as the awesome Beachbody Success Team  and Staff!  It was amazing.  You too can be yor own SUCCESS STORY!


JOIN OUR NEXT GROUP and you can submit your results for the upcoming infomercial!

read about my experience and personal journey here:  Coach Mary Jane’s T25 Results


Are you ready to FOCUS for 25 minutes a day?

Are you ready to FOCUS for 25 minutes a day?





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This was an amazing experience !!

We are on round 2….so join us and make your RESULTS a REALITY!


What will 25,000 people be doing on August 5th with the ShaunTourage??  JOIN US for the most powerful Challenge ever!!

focus-t25 NUTRITION


  1. […] I was chosen for a Beachbody Coach Test Group for Focus T25.  What is T25?  Too many times I hear the excuse from many people saying, “I don’t have enough time to workout”    Do you have a workout less than 30 minutes?   YES I DO!  I have a workout less than 30 minutes and it will be one of the BEST workouts you have ever done.  Shaun T does it again but this time in 25 minutes. Focus T25 is a 5 day a week, 25 minutes a day workout that will take your fitness abilities to the next level.  Being a Test Group Coach, we completed 8 weeks of T25 before it was released to Team Beachbody Coaches this week.  OUR RESULTS […]

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