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When I became a Team Beachbody Coach, it was my primary objective to help people reach whatever health and fitness goals they have for themselves.  I am here today ready to commit myself to you and help you reach your goals.

IF… you are ready to commit to me and yourself…join our challenge!

CLICK HERE to commit to the Challenge!

My commitment to YOU for this 30-Day Challenge:

I will assist you in choosing the fitness and nutrition plan that work for you.  We can create an individualized meal plan and set goals to improve your overall health and fitness!

I will give you my cell phone number, making myself available to you virtually anytime you need a little help, a push or a question answered.

I will interact with you daily on Facebook to help keep you going on your journey, answering questions, giving encouragement, or giving a kick in the pants (lol).

If I don’t see you check in on FB on any given day, I will text/phone you to see what’s up.

I will review your fitness and food logs as needed to help you to stay on track and change things up as needed.

Once a week I will text/phone you to see how you are doing and what issues you may be having.

I will walk side by side with you on your journey to living your best life and feeling Fabulous!





$500 daily giveaway just for logging your workout into the SuperGym!
$1,000 monthly will be awarded, so be sure to submit your results at the end of each month.
$5,000 quarterly – Someone will be chosen from the monthly submissions each quarter and awarded $5,000
$100,000 if you are the Male or Female with the most remarkable transformation!!!

I am excited about the goals that we can reach together. I am committed to helping others live healthy, fulfilling lives. I hope you will allow me to come on this journey with you!

Your commitment to ME and YOURSELF for the 30 Day Challenge:

CLICK HERE to commit to the Challenge!

**Beachbody just released special “Challenge Packs” at a nicely DISCOUNTED rate.  They include the fitness program of your choice, Shakeology and a free 30 day Club Membership!!! Plus, you will also get FREE SHIPPING, so you save anywhere from $26-54 depending on the fitness program you choose. Let me know if you have questions about any of the fitness programs.


1) You must be on Shakeology HD and drink your Shakeology at least once a day. Trust me when I say this; it is an imperative part of this process. It will provide your body with the fuel that it will need to get through these workouts. You will just replace one meal a day (preferably breakfast) with a shake. It helped reduce my cravings and keep me satisfied… not to mention the energy boost i got with it… no more 2:00 slump in the afternoon – not to mention the bottom of the bag guarantee!

2) You must be a FREE Team Beachbody Club member. The people in our group will likely be starting at different places and/or require different nutritional guidelines. The Team Beachbody Club will provide each of you the opportunity to customize your own meal plan, print out a grocery list, and take it to the grocery store. The club nutrition guide and Shakeology will truly simplify your nutrition.

3) You will participate in our private Facebook page, letting the group know how your workout was for the day, how your nutrition is, and just how you are feeling. I will be on the page as well to help encourage, motivate and answer questions you might have.

4) It is an important part of the process to take your before photos, measurement and weight. We will take these stats every 30/60/90 days. Even though this particular Challenge is 30 days, I will continue to support you throughout your fitness/weight loss journey. This is an integral part of the process. As you go along, sometimes you have to be reminded how far you’ve come to keep going forward.

5) I encourage you to pre-schedule ALL 30 days of your fitness program in the online Super Gym at You must log your daily workouts in the Super Gym.

We can do this together!! Beachbody has given us all of the tools to be successful and we will work together to reach our goals!

CLICK HERE to commit to the Challenge!

Let me know if you are IN and if you have any questions.  CONTACT ME: or 949-395-2071

The Beachbody Challenge


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